Rakim Jacket Story

The menswear has evolved and took many turns throughout the generations. Some people have the tendency to tell stories through their clothing lines and this jacket right here, has its own reason to be, and story to tell.let's know more about the Rakim jacket.

The inspiration:

Some peoples speak to you in a way you never thought you would be spoken to. They influence your life, mold you and give you purpose, which you always thought you were missing. Leory, the creative director of No weakness thought about making the Rakim jacket because he wanted to give back to the person who gave meaning to his life, the rapper ASAP ROCKY. The jacket was named after him. there are some people who save without them even realizing it.

The love behind the design.

Sometimes the perfect blend of two very different things gives you that one rare beautiful sculture you have been wanting . Leory used his creativity to mix two of the essentials menswear, the perfecto jacket and teddy.this combination is a mixture of the casual wear that a guy can rock and the most wearable, sportswear. i can already hear the guys going gaga over this.

Half white leather and half fleece teddy came out to be perfect as Leory thought it will be . it shows his love, effort, and respect to the jacket.

The play with colors:

The play of blue and white fits elegantly on the Rakim jacket. But Leory thought his colors through. The Blue in the jacket speaks the power of soul and the hook of wisdom. White? We all know the white spreads calmness and purity. The whites in Rakim represents the spread of harmony and purity.

The rise of Rakim jacket by Leory through No weakness Paris was sparked by asap rocky and his influence on Leory’s life, but it will go far from changing others life, because Leory believes in the ways people drift and how they learn – and this jacket is all about love and change.