Mulan the New biker pants

Biker pants become an essential of menswear, revisited by many brands this pants is now a part of fashion's culture usually reserved for the bikers who dressed in rock n roll style. This bottom has evolved a lot and now is democratized then we can find all kind of this pants in denim or leather.

The inspiration:

Some creative people love to play with fabric or just details on their design but other love rebuilt the silhouette, in this case we have the Artistic director of No weakness Leory. Leory wanted to bring something of new on this essential cause for him this bottom started to become too boring so he decided to marry two of menswear essentials but also two of male cloakroom then was born Mulan. 

The senseless marriage:

Sometimes unexpected union can bring masterpieces, when we think about pants we have simple vision of trousers, there are just details who can vary, Mulan is unique cause it is literally the kid of perfecto jackets and biker pants and the result have strong identity, new silhouette and more. Leory use calfskin leather and lining in red satin for this pieces that we can already call Iconic.